Students on campus

International organizations on campus and in the community

International Institute of Akron

This organization offers legal support, citizenship classes, English as a second language interpreting and translation
Located at: 207 E Tallmadge Ave, Akron, OH 44310

For further information visit: or call 330-376-5106

Global Ties Akron

This organization offers faith community resources, ethnic markets and restaurants, and arrival information
Located at: Suite 233 Quaker Square, Akron, OH 44308

For further information visit: or call 330-972-8296

Akron Internationals

This organization offers support for internationals, English as a second language, Friday night FREE International dinners, furniture requests, store rides, and other events for internationals

For further information visit: or contact Scott Johnson at 330-315-5428

HOLA (Hispanos Organizados por Lengua y Amistad)

This Latino organization focuses on advocacy, community organization, and civic engagement

For further information visit: or call 440-964-3372

Proyecto Raices

This organization provided educational and social support to children of Latino/Hispanic families, facilitates their integration to the local community, and maintenance of their cultural heritage

For further information visit:

Asian Services In Action, ASIA Inc.

This organization offers interpreting and translation, classes, medical clinic, cultural and citizenship programs
Located at: 730 Carroll Street, Akron, OH 44304

For further information visit: call 330-535-3263

ISAK –Islamic Center of Akron and Kent

This organization offers courses of study to meet the needs of Muslims as well as non-Muslims, serves as a play of Prayers and Religious activities promote understanding and act as a channel of communication between Muslims and non-Muslims

For further information visit:

Bhutanese Community Association

This organization serves as a communication link between the officers and members of the Bhutanese Community Association of Akron and anyone who is interested in the diaspora of Bhutanese exiles around the world

For further information visit: