Standards of satisfactory academic progress

To remain eligible for federal and state aid, students must maintain three standards of satisfactory academic progress:

  1. minimum hours completed,
  2. minimum grade point average, and
  3. maximum time frame.


Minimum hours completed (Pace review)

Pace is calculated by dividing the total number of hours completed by the total number of hours attempted. To meet pace, your pace must be equal to or greater than 67%. For example:

Hours attempted Hours completed Pace calculation Standards determination
12 8 8/12 = 67% Meeting pace
16 11 11/16 = 69% Meeting pace
50 32 32/50 = 64% Not meeting pace
48 40 40/48 = 83% Meeting pace
  • For undergraduates, successful completion of a course, for the purposes of the Satisfactory Academic Progress standard, are grades A, B, C, D, or CR. All other grades, including withdrawals (W, WD) and in-progress are incompletes and will not be counted as successful completion.
  • For graduate and law students, successful completion of a course, for the purposes of the Satisfactory Academic Progress, is determined by your college and/or program.

Minimum Grade Point Average (G.P.A.)

  • Undergraduate students must have at least a 2.0 GPA.
  • For graduate students, your grade point average must be equal to, or higher than, the standard established by your academic department. A minimum 2.3 cumulative G.P.A. is required for the Law School; and a minimum 3.0 is required for the Graduate School.

Maximum time frame

  • Undergraduate students are required to complete their degree requirements by the time they have attempted 150% of the hours normally required for the completion of that degree. For example, a program that normally requires 128 credit hours must be completed by the time the student has attempted 192 credit hours (128 x 150%).
  • For transfer students, academic progress will be reviewed to determine the program's maximum time frame.
  • Graduate students must complete their degree program within the following time frame:
Graduate School Master's degree 6 years
Doctorate degree 10 years
Law School Day school program 5 years
Evening school program 6 years

How to appeal

If you are in violation of the standards policy and you have mitigating circumstances that occurred during the semester, you may file an appeal with the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Standards appeal process

  • Students who are below the required G.P.A. and/or have completed less than 67% of attempted credit hours may complete a Standards Appeal Form to explain and document the circumstances under which the violation(s) occurred.
  • Students must attach third party documentation described on the appeal form to substantiate their statements.
  • Students may be in violation of more than one Academic Progress Standard. In these cases, an appeal should document and discuss how the multiple violations were affected by the situation(s) described.
  • Documentation will be reviewed and you will be notified if your appeal has been granted or denied. If you are denied, there is no further appeal.
  • If you are denied, contact us when your academic progress has been restored to see if you have regained aid eligibility.

Maximum time frame evaluation appeal process

  • These students must have their academic adviser complete the Maximum Time Frame Evaluation Form.
  • Students who are only in violation of the maximum time frame standard need only have the Maximum Time Frame Evaluation form completed.
  • If a student is in violation of the Maximum Time Frame Standard, and another standard (g.p.a. or the 67 percent completion ratio) the student would be required to complete both forms and provide appropriate documentation for the Standards Appeal form. Note: The academic adviser’s completion of the Maximum Time Frame Evaluation Form acts as third party documentation for the Time frame portion of the violation.
  • If you are denied, there is no further appeal.

Note: Not all appeals are granted. Appeals are granted based on the merit of the situation and the supporting documentation. The appeal process takes 10 business days after all documents have been received.

More information about the standards of satisfactory academic progress, and the appeal process: