Human Resources

Human Resources COVID-19 Information

Restating our work-from-home priority

Yesterday, President Miller directed all offices to close except for those deemed essential to University operations. The list of essential departments is on our coronavirus site.

In response to questions that have come in subsequently, we want to reiterate that whenever possible, employees should be working from home. This is especially true for nonessential departments.

Employees working from home, and those non-essential employees asked to remain at home by the University administration are considered to be available during their regularly scheduled hours. During this time, employees will continue to receive pay for their regularly scheduled hours unless they otherwise request time off (i.e., sick leave or vacation leave) because they will not be available during these hours.

Supervisors: No central mandate covers every situation in our complex university. Please use your good judgment and creativity in determining who truly needs to be on campus, bearing in mind that the health of students, faculty and staff is always paramount.

Coronavirus Health Information

Job Opening Information  

In light of the current pandemic situation, effective Tuesday March 25, 2020 until further notice and with rare exceptions, the University is implementing a hiring pause. The pause applies to all contract professional, staff, and faculty positions.

Flexible Working Conditions Policy

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University has established a temporary policy to allow flexible working arrangements. This policy will enable us to continue operations and academics while supporting preventative public health measures and providing flexibility for our employees who have family and/or health issues to cope with during this situation.  For details, please see the policy on our HR Policies site

Technology to work from home.

Reporting hours while working remotely (flexible workplace)

Reporting Hours Worked

Effective March 16 until further notice, hourly (non-exempt) employees working remotely will be paid for their regularly scheduled hours. Those employees who do work remotely shall report their hours either in EmpCenter via direct timesheet entry or webclock

Salaried (exempt) employees working remotely will be paid for their regularly scheduled hours. Salaried employees do not report hours worked in EmpCenter. 

Supervisors must try to assign meaningful work to all employees including those who work remotely. The assignments may encompass normal or some of the normal job tasks and functions, which may also include online professional development and training such as as LinkedIn LearningImpact Solutions, and Brightspace – Bridges Training ; updating and/or creating departmental standard operating procedures, performing benchmarking or other studies, etc.