Intellectual Property at The University of Akron School of Law.



The University of Akron Law IP program was just awarded another top grade in The National Jurist’s preLaw magazine Spring 2018 issue. This is the latest top rating and accolade the IP program and Center for Intellectual Property Law & Technology has received. For full details on media coverage discussing the IP Center, and pictures of our many past events, please see the links below.


August 2018 - Intellectual Property Technology Law Association introductory meeting

Oct. 5, 2018 - Akron Law 5th Annual IP Scholars Conference

Fall 2018 - Albert and Vern Oldham Lecture

Fall 2018 - Fall IPAC Meeting

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About the program

As part of our leading intellectual property program, Akron Law has an innovative Center for Intellectual Property Law & Technology. The Center facilitates the study and advancement of IP law, strives to attract and educate current and future leaders, and works to design and implement a well-balanced ecosystem of law and technology.

Nationally respected and renowned for:

  • Providing one of the most comprehensive IP programs in the country — over 20 courses in the field
  • Administering an LL.M. (Master of Laws) in Intellectual Property – complete in two semesters
  • Administering a joint J.D./LL.M. in Intellectual Property – complete in three years of full-time study
  • Offering a Certificate in Intellectual Propertysignifying completion of focused IP studies
  • Offering a Non-JD Certificate in Intellectual Property – for those not seeking a JD degree, but want to learn IP
  • Hosting distinguished speakers, including a highly successful annual symposium
    • The IP Scholars Forum
    • The Oldham Lecture Series on cutting-edge IP issues
    • Annual Akron Law IP Symposium – a Midwestern IP conference leader for over 20 years
  • Our Intellectual Property Advisory Council 

In depth:

  1. Intellectual Property courses
  2. LL.M. in Intellectual Property and how to apply
  3. Apply for IP Certificate
    (for JD and LL.M. students)
  4. Master's Degree in Polymer Science and Engineering

Faculty and leadership

Daniel H. Brean, Assistant Professor of Law | Bio

Patrick H. Gaughan, Associate Professor and Executive Director, Innovation Practice Center | Bio

Ryan Holte, Professor of Law and Director, Center for Intellectual Property Law and Technology Bio

Camilla Hrdy, Assistant Professor of Law Bio 

Jack P. Sahl, Professor of Law and Director of The Center for Professional Responsibility | Bio

Matthew J. Wilson, Professor of Law, The University of Akron | Bio

Adjunct Professors

About one dozen adjunct professors teach specialized courses such as international patent law, patent prosecution, claim construction, complex IP litigation, and other cutting-edge courses.

IP Advisory Council

The Council is comprised of about three dozen IP professionals and experts seeking to advance our IP curriculum, foster relationships with businesses and law firms, and assist Akron Law IP students with their careers.