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UPDATE (3/19/20)

Students employed on campus should continue to report for work. Departments are encouraged to provide them with the opportunity to continue to work if doing so is in their interest. For many of our students, this income is critical in helping them to continue their education. However, if during this period of extended break and distance education, the student determines it is not in his or her best interest to work, then we will honor this decision and not penalize the student in the future if returning to the position.

Student Employment

Helping students locate on-campus employment while in school.

Students who work on campus part-time adjust quickly to college life, learn valuable skills like communication and time management, make friends, earn money, and gain references for your future career search.

Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment

202 Simmons Hall
Please send all forms to +6211

Jennifer Wells
Assistant Director

Phone: 330-972-6913